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Doctor: Student Loan Debt Program

Did you know Fairway Wholesale Lending offers flexibility for medical doctors with student loan debt?

Student loan payments in deferment or forbearance may be excluded from qualifying ratios if the following characteristics can be met:

  • The borrower is in or has recently completed a medical residency and/or medical clinical fellowship program
  • The borrower has at least a 720 FICO score
  • The borrower has a credit report or alternate documentation reflecting that student loans are in deferred or forbearance status and that the student loan will remain in deferred status for a minimum of 12 months from note date
  • The loan is for a 1-unit primary residence as a purchase or limited cash-out refinance
  • The desired loan is a fixed-rate loan or a 7/1 or 10/1 ARM
  • The loan must be run through LPA and receive Accept Risk classification.

Please refer to the Fairway Guidelines for additional guidance.


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