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Conventional Appraisals

Did you know that Fairway accepts transferred conventional appraisals? 

The following items are required to be emailed to the Ask Desk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on all appraisal transfers:

  • XML data version of the report along with the first generation PDF.  
    • It is important when sending the XML file via email that you do not save or rename it.  It will corrupt the XML file and render it unable to be run through UCDP.  Best practice is to forward the original email with the XML file from the transferring lender and attach the other files to it if necessary (if sent separately). 
  • A transfer letter from the lender who originally ordered the appraisal.  
  • An AIR Compliance Certificate from the original lender or the AMC the previous lender used (typically included with the appraisal).
  • The CU score must be 2.5 or less. In cases where the CU score is greater than 2.5, Fairway will review on an exception basis. 


  • Ask Desk will not review the appraisal for collateral acceptability. The underwriter assigned to the file ​will review and approve the collateral based on the merits of the appraisal. If an update is necessary, a new appraisal will be required. The appraiser will not make changes on an appraisal ordered by another lender.
  • Under no circumstances may a broker contact an appraiser directly.  If the current lender is unable to send the XML file successfully, Credit Policy or Underwriting will assist brokers in obtaining the XML in cooperation with the current lender. 
  • The transferred appraisal must be in our borrower's name. On purchase transactions, the appraiser is required to reflect the sales contract terms. If the appraisal was prepared for a different borrower, our borrower's contract terms will not be reflected.  

Please refer to the Fairway Guidelines for additional guidance.

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