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DRIVER Enhancements 2.4.0

We are excited to announce the latest enhancements to the DRIVER portal effective today!

Below is a list of these enhancements. Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

  • Once the “Save Loan Data” button has been clicked in any of the 1003 screens, the DRIVER header will refresh, reflecting any changes made to loan parameters.
  • DRIVER Status Tracker will now update automatically to reflect the current loan status, including Initial Disclosure requests and CD Requests submitted through DRIVER. 
  • The option to save documents in the View/Upload Documents screen has been changed for clarification. Prior to registration, the user will only have the option to upload documents and click on “Save for Later”. Once the loan has been registered, the “Save and Submit” button will appear on the View/Upload Documents screen.

  • A “HELP” button is now available when Creating a Loan to troubleshoot issues when uploading the 3.2 file.
  • User will now have the ability to re-import updated 3.2 files via DRIVER beyond initial disclosures being sent.

*** Helpful tip *** When first importing initial 3.2, an Estimated Closing Date must be selected as a future date. Ability to re-import future 3.2 files will be unsuccessful if this initial date is invalid and would require assistance from Help Desk before proceeding to re-import another 3.2. 

  • Borrower’s mailing address will auto-populate with their current address if originally blank when the 3.2 file is uploaded into DRIVER. 
  • User will now have the ability to delete and add new fees in Section F on the Loan Estimate screen in DRIVER.  
  • Correspondent Loans: LO comp now defaults to Borrower Paid. 

  • Correspondent Loans: Admin fee is no longer a default fee on the loan pricing screen. Correspondent now has the option to charge an Admin Fee to the borrower.




DRIVER Enhancements 2.4.0 | Client Announcement 2020-07-15

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